Dear Parents,

Are you one of those super-organised people? The ones who have everything done when it needs to be and you never forget what you need to get at the store or when to send cupcakes to school? If you are, please give me your brain!

I move from one room to the next and forget what I was supposed to do. If I don’t have shopping lists and birthday calendars, we’d have to use leaves for loo paper and eat grass. Okay, so it’s not that bad—I do remember to buy food; I just get so overwhelmed at the shops that I tend to forget half of what I need if I don’t take the list with.

And because I’m so bad at remembering things, I have these moments where I’ll sit and be all relaxed, thinking, “ooh, I have some free time to finally read this book,” but usually that’s just because I forgot to do something.

Am I the only one?

There are a few ways I’ve learned to have some free time AND keep on schedule. LISTS! All the lists that I can write things on and then tick them off as I’ve accomplished them. I tried using phone apps for this but, oddly, as convenient as you’d think that would be, I’m just too old school and it didn’t work. I like to physically write things down. Even when I study, I still make hand written summaries on notecards. Sorry, trees!

I bought a custom Pandori Planner for my partner a few years back, and he loved it so much that I was a little jealous and decided to get my own one. I seriously love it as I can keep all my lists in it, a diary, exam notes and my Typo weekly planner also happens to fit into it (I have the A5 Pandori). It really makes life easier. You can replace the booklets in it whenever you need to so you never run out of space, and if you aren’t artsy, you can just buy A6 (or A5)notebooks at the store when you go grocery shopping as they slip in perfectly (I tend to do this then just decorate the booklet’s cover).

Another cool trick is AUDIO BOOKS! I don’t know why it took me so long to figure it out. I got audible on my phone, and now whenever I’m doing dishes, driving somewhere, or having a child free shopping trip, I press play and listen. So that list of books to read that’s getting longer and longer in my planner? I can start ticking them off!

Also… The feeling of ticking things off on a list is almost as great a boost of endorphins as a glass of ice cold chocolate milk.

Do you have any great planner tips for us to share to our FB page and insta stories?
Can you think of another planner you would like to see added to the printable page?


YAY free lists to download and print


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