Dear humans raising humans

We work, study, and homeschool all from home, which means we basically see each other all day every day. Yes, this can get annoying, which is why I’m grateful for extra-curricular activities and away-from-home hobbies, that’s for sure! Despite this, my son recently asked what I roughly make an hour, and if he could borrow x amount so he can buy an hour of my time—yes, I cried.

Everything keeps us so busy that even though we run into each other while making coffee or we sit together when we’re teaching or working on assignments, it’s not time one really connects—even dinner time is usually quiet or rushed. It’s a hello or an explanation, because for the most part we’re all up-to-date on what’s going on with everyone anyway.

So, I recently decided to add at least 2 games nights to our week. It’s amazing what a difference the face time and disconnection from everything has done for us as a little family. Sitting down for that hour or however long to laugh, to joke, and just be blissfully unaware of everything that’s hanging over us . . . it’s so good. I’ve noticed the change in all of us. And while I still struggle with those thoughts of “this is dumb, I should be working” or “this isn’t being productive” I now realise that sometimes even being unproductive is important.

We’ve now started collecting games to play so that we aren’t just playing the same games all the time. From the Harry Potter Cluedo to Guess Who, Unstable Unicorns, Uno and Jenga, to name a few. Games aren’t cheap, I know this, but there are so many you can start off with while you put a few rand away or ask family to club together for birthday gifts. Cards you can get for R10 a pack and have so much fun with—poker, snap, solitaire, rummy. Tic-tac-toe made from painted rocks or with sticks in the dirt. Tossing a ball.

This August I dare you to take the pledge, to save time for play time. It’s not easy, not for a lot of us. But it’s soooo worth it. Our kids want our time more than they want things. Some of my favourite memories I have with my mom is when we sat and built puzzles together.

Until next time.

YAY free games to download, print and play


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