Learning to Move - Moving to Learn

Catrobatkidz has been established since March 2001 for children ages 2 to 9 years old and is offered at participating pre-school institutions only.

Quality Fun Classes to Develop:

Body Awareness | Balance | Locomotion | Gross & Fine Motor Skills | Spatial Relationships | Rhythm & Timing | Strength | Flexibility | Co-ordination

Extensive research into early childhood education, and many years of practical experience, has been combined into the Catrobatkidz Skill Development programme, offering many unique ideas, which have never before been taught to pre-school children. We bring to your child a learning concept that is guaranteed to benefit, and foster success, for each child, and to enhance his/her self-esteem while enjoying participating.

During the pre-school years, a child’s brain is like a sponge, almost effortlessly absorbing and storing information and experiences. The beauty of the Catrobatkidz programme, formulated specifically for the pre-school child, is that the movement skills and patterns targeted in each lesson are assimilated and stored in his absorbent mind while he enjoys the fun and challenge.

It is during these fundamental years that window periods open and close during which your child has the opportunity to develop each skill (balance, locomotion, gross & fine motor, spatial relationships, co-ordination, rhythm & timing, strength and flexibility) to the best of their ability, in order to build a solid foundation that will allow them to achieve both physically and mentally throughout their life.

Awards Concept

At the end of each lesson your child is rewarded for their efforts with a Catrobatkidz stamp, or sticker. At the end of the year he/she will receive their certificate of achievement, and medal or similar prize awarded at the End of Year Awards Ceremony presentation.


Your child’s abilities will be assessed during each lesson, and at the end of each term, a specific age related skill assessment is made available to the parents.

Life Skills

Each week a motivational sentence is spoken to your child. These words are designed to create awareness of various important social issues such as: self-respect, manners, health, environment, safety etc.


The vast variety of mini equipment and hand apparatus is specially designed to suit the requirements of pre-school children. All equipment is collapsible and is easily transported from school to school. Catrobatkidz offers a wide variety of stimulating educational music to suit the Programmes needs.

From hip circles, hang tough, cargo net and climbing wall… to ropes, chairs and towels… children become addicted to exercise with Catrobatkidz while developing to their full potential both physically and mentally.

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