Toptots Mother and Child Workshop

Where babies grow with love

When having a baby there is so much that you will experience for the first time.  So much that you need to learn and know about.  It can all be a little overwhelming.  We are there to help.  Together we can share in all the exciting milestones still to follow in your child’s life.  Many people attend Toptots workshops across the country.  We have the full support of paediatricians and various therapists who regularly promote Toptots to their patients.  Based on this, the support of our clients and the performance of Toptots children at pre-school and school level, we believe that we really do make a difference.

Over the four years spent at Toptots, your child will have been exposed to activities to strengthen and develop the following areas:

Gross Motor
Fine Motor
Music appreciation
Emotional Development
Social Development
And many more
In this day and age, most parents have to work, whether they work from home as home executives or full time in a high profile job.  Not often do you find a parent who can be a full time caregiver, stimulator, teacher etc.  Toptots gives you the time to expose your child to other children and relevant activities.  Most parents enjoy the opportunity to discuss common concerns and current trends
The focus of our programme is based on perceptual development, therefore you should not expect to see much reaction from your child in the first few months. At this age most of the activities are developing and strengthening areas, which are not obvious, like the muscles in the eye for example
Toptots is not only for children who do not go to school. Toptots gives you the opportunity to observe your child in various ways.  You will be there to praise your child’s accomplishments and you will be there to assist where your child may have difficulty.

Toptots Mission Statement

  • To find the special gifts in each child, to set them on the road to success with love.
  • To enrich the lives of children, to give them a head start in life and help them reach their full potential.
  • To honour the work that parents do with their children.  We believe that being with your children, and being involved in their lives with love, is the single most important thing that you will ever do with your life.  We hope to help grownups understand their children better, and to promote the bond of love between parents (or caregivers) and children.
  • Children are the most important assets that a country has.  We aim to spread love across Southern Africa and to positively influence the lives of thousands of children and their parents.
  • For our Toptots team members to be successful, enthusiastic and committed to the same goals
  • For each Toptots team member to benefit from the energy and knowledge being created by their own contribution.  To maintain a strong team spirit and open channels of communication.

We strive to always provide excellent service to our parents and children, to achieve superior standards of operation and excellence in our provision of education.  All the things that you do with your life end when your life ends, except for what you do to shape and create the future.  Children represent unlimited potential for the future.  By positively influencing a child, you will change the destiny of the world into infinity.



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